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The Household Item

After much shilly-shallying, I managed to get another IDC project handed in. The criteria ticked off for this piece were: household item; tunisian crochet; and fashion yarn.

I’m not sure what I feel about woolly cushion covers – can’t decide whether I like them or not. But I chose to make one for the household project, as I didn’t want to make a garment with the fashion yarn I’d picked, as it was quite expensive and didn’t go very far. I used a different yarn for the back because it would’ve been too expensive to use Rowan’s Thick’n’Thin for the whole cushion. The front was done using tunisian simple stitch…

IMG_1177..and for the back I used the “up’n’down stitch”, which alternates treble crochet with double crochet in the same row. This was to avoid the curling of the button band which happens if you use a hook which is too small – tunisian crochet should be done on a larger hook than you would use for regular crochet to avoid this problem, and I didn’t have a hook large enough. I just wanted to get the project finished by this point, so couldn’t wait for anything as slow as the postman, and all the shops I’d looked in didn’t sell tunisian hooks larger than 5.5mm


I opted for silvery buttons to echo the lightness of the front of the cushion

The project got a “Very Good” which translates as 95 – 99%. A “Pass” in the IDC is 80%, so you can be sure that your work is of a high standard if you receive pass marks. I lost marks for this project as “the texture of the slubbed light bluey grey yarn …  will ‘bobble’ or ‘pill’ in use”. Well, I’ll take that and party on! Now I’ve just got to decide if I’ll actually use the project or give it away. A friend said she liked it… but I’m not sure she liked it enough to actually want it.


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Camera Cosy

There is something about cold weather which seems to affect phone and camera batteries – they drain quickly only to revive again when back in the warm. Or is it just my technology?

The reason for mentioning this is that I have a new camera, courtesy of Father Christmas, and it didn’t fit into my old camera case. For a while, I took it out to play in a mere wisp of a cover, to stop the screen getting scratched. One particularly frosty morning, the battery registered full before I went outside only to threaten “no charge” when I was taking photos. This has happened occasionally with phones too. So I decided to crochet a cosy for said camera, utilising a tranche of my ever-growing stash and one of the buttons that came free with a magazine a while back.



Using Tunisian simple stitch, and an envelope style with asymmetrical flap, the whole thing was stitched up using dc as an outside seam. My camera hasn’t complained of  cold since, even when I took it out on the one day of settled snow here in north London.


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