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Blankie re-worked

It’s been quite a while since I posted. I thought I had to move home at the start of spring, so I’d packed all my yarn and associated stuff away, as lots of dust was flying about in the packing process. And I thought that knitting was a distraction I didn’t need!

Anyway, the move got postponed a year, and it took a long time before I delved into my woolly pursuits again. I took the time to catch up with some reading because I don’t read much when I knit, and I was feeling deprived. Around May, I decided to grit my teeth and re-do blankie which really was too narrow, as I’d skimped on the full amount of motifs. It did just about keep me warm during the chilly weather resulting from a visit by the Beast from the East, but I had to be careful not to be too vigorous when I turned over in bed and get a draft! So I undid the edging (which I wasn’t particularly happy with) and added a longitudinal row of motifs.  I knew I would run out of the tattoo blue yarn, so I decided to try and use up some contrasting purple yarn, which also worked nicely in the edging. (The picture makes the main colour seem a brighter blue than it actually is.)


I am much more satisfied with the result. And it’s coming in handy already as September is feeling a lot like October.



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 I’ve almost finished the blanket I wrote about a few posts ago. It’s taken me all autumn, but I’ve had to put it down, otherwise I wouldn’t get any Xmas knitting done (which isn’t going well, by the way!) I scrimped on the motifs, doing only 15 of the large ones instead of 20, cos it was doing my head in. Seriously, I couldn’t bear to do anymore! So it’s a narrower blanket than it should have been – I figured I’d just work a bigger border.

It’s large enough that I can use it on my bed, and I was very glad of it when we had snow recently. I know, I know, when Britain has snow, we make a song and a dance about a few inches, compared with places that have feet of the stuff! But my bedroom is north facing and can get quite chilly. With its aran yarn and folded over rounds, this is one toasty blankie!

This is the closest I’ve ever come to finishing a blanket, and it did take a concerted effort! I think that, although I’ve paused the completing of it, I will finish it in the not too distant future. (Shh… I’ll need to get some more yarn first..)IMG_3102

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Blankets are not a WIP that have ever become a FO for me. For some reason, I never complete. Why then, have I just started a new one??


Well, I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while, a few years in fact. It’s called Ringtoss Afghan, designed by Barbara Worn-Wurtz, from Crochet World August 2012. As I had some yarn in the right weight to stash-bust, I thought I’d finally get started on it. Except I’ve had to get more of that yarn… So much for stash-busting. I’ll probably end up with the same amount left over again!

I love the texture of this blanket, but I didn’t fancy faffing around changing yarn colours all the time, so I’ve opted for a monochrome of blue. I’ve been trying to work out what kind of blue this is – the photo makes it look too bright. It’s darker, and greener.. Perhaps a woad blue..?


Apart from this blankie, I have a handful of motifs which are nowhere near enough in number to make a blanket yet. I took these out of their storage place recently and Hmm-ed a bit. The problem is, I was whipping up these motifs in DK but I haven’t used that weight yarn in a while, and I’ve more or less used up my DK stash – at least in decent yarn and colours that I’d want in a blanket. (Anything else will be for toys or something.)


One way or another, I am definitely aiming to finish at least one blanket by the time the colder months arrive..

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A Christmas Carol … of sorts

The festive season gives us the perfect opportunity for reflection and resolution, a convenient halt in proceedings as the year dwindles to make ends and beginnings.  These are underlying themes in A Christmas Carol and, inspired by this, here is my take on this classic Dickensian tale..

Ghost of Crochet Past

Is there a hookster or a knitter out there that doesn’t have any longstanding unfinished projects?  Certainly not me!  A couple of ghosts of crochet past are blankets that I can’t even remember when I started.  I’m already using both (stitch markers in place!)  as they are big enough to offer substantial warmth.  Both have narrowed as they progressed due to, perhaps, a change in tension, or forgetting which hook size I used, or inattention to counting stitches (easy to do with rib, which doesn’t require counting to maintain intricacies).  The green blanket with raised treble stripes is nearly finished and hasn’t misshapen too much, so I plan to complete this in the way in which I had started it.  The red half treble ribbed blanket, however..  well, I recently started to unravel that – but not too quickly as it can still keep me toasty watching telly in the depth of winter.  I thought about re-working it using the Strawberry Lace Stitch, but I might still shilly shally, rendering this project a UFO for a while yet!


Ghost of Crochet Present

In the days leading up to Christmas, I was frantically crocheting a hat for a friend who had asked me to make use of some luxury yarn she’d bought to knit a shrug,  As a busy single mum and business woman, she never got round to finishing it and requested that I put the yarn to good use.  We agreed a pattern, one that she liked and I was sure I could do; but when I finished it and blocked it, to my dismay, it hadn’t turned out right.  I’ll have to find the neatly tucked in yarn-end, and rip back the brim, maybe adding a few more rounds (did I misread the pattern, or miscount the rounds in my haste?) and possibly even change the way the brim is constructed.  Dare I??  Intriguingly, I made a hat early in my crochet obsession, and worked the brim too tight.  It’s the opposite problem this time…


Ghost of Crochet Yet To Come

As for ‘turning over a new leaf’ as Scrooge did (or at least focussing on best intentions), here are my crochet resolutions for 2014:

Get Social!  Interact with other bloggers now that I’m more comfortable with the whole blogging experience!  Find a stitch’n’bitch group to participate in.

Socks!  I’ve been wanting to make socks (knitted or crocheted, I’m not fussed) for a couple of years now, but somehow haven’t settled down to it.  I’m not a big fan of DPNs anyway, and haven’t spied any crochet designs that I like.  But finally!  I spotted a sock pattern that took my fancy by Rohn Strong in Inside Crochet (issue 46) so I reckon I’ll be giving that a go fairly soon.

Right, well two’s enough to be getting on with, else I’ll be more likely to break them!  All that’s left to say: to all my readers, be they few or many, best wishes for 2014!

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