I’ve almost finished the blanket I wrote about a few posts ago. It’s taken me all autumn, but I’ve had to put it down, otherwise I wouldn’t get any Xmas knitting done (which isn’t going well, by the way!) I scrimped on the motifs, doing only 15 of the large ones instead of 20, cos it was doing my head in. Seriously, I couldn’t bear to do anymore! So it’s a narrower blanket than it should have been – I figured I’d just work a bigger border.

It’s large enough that I can use it on my bed, and I was very glad of it when we had snow recently. I know, I know, when Britain has snow, we make a song and a dance about a few inches, compared with places that have feet of the stuff! But my bedroom is north facing and can get quite chilly. With its aran yarn and folded over rounds, this is one toasty blankie!

This is the closest I’ve ever come to finishing a blanket, and it did take a concerted effort! I think that, although I’ve paused the completing of it, I will finish it in the not too distant future. (Shh… I’ll need to get some more yarn first..)IMG_3102

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