Crocheted urchins

Hello! It’s been a time. Knitting was taking over my life a bit, so I wanted to shift focus for a while, back to the horticultural. I found this article while researching something on orchards. It shows a stunning use of crochet to decorate a public space. That would definitely stop me in my tracks!

Choi+Shine Architects





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4 responses to “Crocheted urchins

  1. Very cool! Garden season does tend to take over a bit, doesnt it?

    • thehookstook

      It wasn’t so much garden season taking over as a re-dedication to nature, and an indulgence of my inner plant geek! I was beginning to feel a bit unbalanced!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing! That’s amazing! 😊💙

    • thehookstook

      They’re certainly the largest crochet pieces I’ve ever seen! If they were smaller, and festively-coloured, I reckon they’d make great Xmas tree decorations…

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