Challenges of P2

One of the challenges of Part 2 of the International Diploma in Crochet is the information we are required to include with each compulsory sample. (For those who don’t want to do pattern-writing, there is the option to do just the practical work.) It is requested we propose how the crochet submitted might be used in a project. This is beneficial as it encourages us to think creatively, even for stitches or techniques we may not enjoy or even downright loathe!

I’m finding it very easy to suggest ‘blanket’ for most submissions. But I’m sure Pauline (Turner, my tutor, and IDC founder) would not be impressed if I made the same suggestion for each submission! But as we should also include alternative ideas, this helps to ‘think outside the box’. I think it is a very useful process, so that we don’t churn out concepts or designs that are conventional and run-of-the-mill.

It’s not just the stitch that we must consider in our suggestions, but also the yarn which completed the stitch, and how together these might be utilised. Take this circle (okay, so it has hexagonal tendencies!) which was to be worked in double crochet using any dk yarn:


I chose SWTC’s Bamboo yarn. I’ve never used bamboo fibre before, but I have read that it has good drape. This lead me to ponder.. hm.. maybe this sample could be made into a tablecloth, with some kind of motifs worked in as edging or something. I wonder if dk thickness is too chunky for this purpose, but I’ll wait and see what Pauline thinks… 



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2 responses to “Challenges of P2

  1. Hi, I’m really interested in all your diploma posts as I’m coming to the end of part 1 and contemplating part 2. You have done some great work! And I can sympathise with your issues (I try and make myself swatch!). How are you finding part 2? 😀

  2. thehookstook

    Hi Mad Crochet Woman!
    Thanks for your praise! I’m afraid I’ve totally lost steam doing Part 2. I had such a great experience doing Part 1, and a large part of that was my tutor. But I seem to have developed a bit of a misunderstanding with my Part 2 tutor – to the extent that I’ve well and truly put the diploma on the back burner! Don’t let my bad experience put you off though – Eleanora over at Coastal Crochet is thriving in Part 2! I recommend paying in installments, in case you have any problems, as you won’t get any kind of refund!
    Good luck! Let me know how you get on!

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