I didn’t tell you, did I, that I finally finished Part 1 of the International Diploma in Crochet? I received the certificate back in August, and am now signed up to Part 2 which focuses on design.IMG_1864

I’ve only sent in and received back a couple of samples so far. I’m too distracted by all the designs that have been gathering dust in my head during Part 1, and now they’re all clamouring for attention! I’ve been swatching like mad, and trying to make sense of numbers. I’ve no doubt my maths is going to let me down, especially when it comes to grading. As well as the valuable process of writing instructions/charts for samples and projects of IDC Part 2, I am very glad there is a free pattern testing group on Ravelry, which I intend to make use of. If anyone snaps up any of my designs to test, that is!

N0 doubt most of you have heard of the w.i.p. (work in progress) Well, here is sneak-peak at a couple of designs in progress (is there such thing as a d.i.p. in knitting and crochet parlance?) …

I’m not sure if other designers find this, but the process of design ain’t quick, even when it’s a simple design!




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9 responses to “Dipping

  1. Gorgeous. And congratulations on your diploma! πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations. Love your new designs. Great textures created.

    • thehookstook

      Ooh, the stitch patterns aren’t my designs – I’m not that clever! These are just the swatches. The designing comes in the conversion of these stitches into.. well, one is being worked into a stole/shawl thing (what’s the difference, anyone please?) and the other I’ve done the numbers (hmm..) to work into a slipover..

  3. alimyers2015

    Well done. I am currently working through part 1. Totally new to crochet so I am pleased with my progress.

    • thehookstook

      Nice to meet a fellow IDC-er. Hope you’re enjoying the course. Maybe you should blog about your observations and progress, like Eleonora from Coastal Crochet.. I’d definitely follow!

  4. Congratulations! That’s an achievement! Design is slow, generally. Worst is having to write it up so it can be duplicated.

    • thehookstook

      Thanks! I guess, like all newbie designers (surely?), I’m impatient and want results, results, results! Hopefully I’ll settle into a more realistic rhythm and expectation soon..

  5. I missed this post! Glad I caught up now – well done again on achieving part 1. 😊

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