Bike Cosies and Other Holiday Crochet

Holidays – you’d think there’d be plenty of time to crochet during a week away in sunny Anglesey but somehow there wasn’t, what with visiting castles and gardens, exploring ruined mansions, walking along the coast, looking at the stars and trying to remember where to find Orion and the Saucepan (well, it doesn’t look like a plough to me!), eating chips on a nondescript pier, taking in views of the Strait and Snowdonia… that kind of thing!

I’d been hoping to play with Tunisian stitch patterns but only managed to rustle up a mere two swatches. I’m not one to get the hook out on public transport – I get travel sick on buses so can’t crochet on the roads and, as I tend to crochet instead of read books when at home, I took the opportunity to finish off a novel on the train (don’t ask me why I can keep my stomach down on the clackety clacks but not on buses – it’s baffled me most of my life.)

The crochet worth mentioning was in the shape of bicycles – there were a few dotted about Beaumaris that had been brightly painted and decorated in kaleidoscopic crochet, the work of the Crafter’s Corner Craft Club to celebrate the Tour of Britain.

bike cozies

Oh, and there was a trip to an indie yarn shop in Menai called Hanks, where I bought a hand dyed skein whose colour was called Sunset Over Lleyn, comprised of Blue Faced Leicester wool and a bit of nylon…

IMG_1756Well, who wouldn’t want to buy yarn called Sister Wolf?? Wish I’d thought to ask if there was any specific meaning behind it. Next time!

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