Snazzy Keyring

My fervour for buying crochet magazines has somewhat diminished as my skills have improved through doing the International Diploma in Crochet. I’m less likely to need the how-to sections found in mags, though I do enjoy reading about history and designers etc. I did, however, get the latest Simply Crochet for the mini crochet hooks on a keyring…

IMG_1515Gimmicky, I know – it’s not like crochet hooks are difficult to carry around anyway (unlike knitting needles which have poked holes in my bags). But I couldn’t resist these! I had a quick go at crocheting a few rows – not enough yet to know if they’ll be useful for anything other than a keyring.

Has anyone else got these? I wonder what you think of them – love or hate?


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One response to “Snazzy Keyring

  1. Always like a good freebie, so I love them! But not sure how comfortable they will be to crochet with 😊

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