Wild and Woolly

Whilst walking in one of my local woodlands (there are a few round here – I’m so lucky) I had a nosey in the information centre. On display, there was an old coal tit nest from last year which had been abandoned. The nest box had a camera in it, so the exact date could be specified – 3rd May. The birds weren’t observed to return to the nest within two weeks of this date, which meant that the eggs wouldn’t hatch.

I’ve no idea why the nest was left; the birds seemed to make such an effort with the decor – a haze of orange, pale blue and lurid pink wool, like decorating a nursery! What a waste of talent!



Abandoned coal tit nest




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3 responses to “Wild and Woolly

  1. That’s really cool – I found an old nest while clearing the garden and was quite upset to see loads of bits of plastic in it…

    • thehookstook

      We’re a bunch of litter louts, us humans – not me or you, of course! I find it fascinating how wildlife sometimes uses our detritus for their own ends.. But it is upsetting and infuriating when nature is harmed (e.g. turtles confusing plastic bags with jellyfish, and dying a slow agonising death after eating them)

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