Edging into the Past

A few post ago, I wrote about a piece of crochet my mum did in her youth. She has kept hold of another piece from her teens, a practise piece of edging, once again done in impossibly fine thread. Something else for me to try in thicker yarns..




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4 responses to “Edging into the Past

  1. Beautiful!
    I have some crochet hooks from my grandmother – I don’t think you can even buy those sizes anymore.

    • thehookstook

      It would have been even more beautiful if I’d starched it, as my mum would have done. Out of curiosity, what’s the smallest of your grandmother’s hooks? My smallest is a 1mm (it came in a set). I can’t envisage ever using a hook that small, though in a mad moment I might set myself the challenge!

      • The sizes are way before metric. We only changed in 1972. I must look up a conversion table and find out. They are odd shapes too, maybe I’ll post a photo.

      • thehookstook

        Yes please do! Apart from the sizes, I’d be interested to see the odd shapes.

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