First Attempts

Do you remember what your first crochet project was? Do you still have an early example of your efforts? I haven’t hung on to my first attempts and my first project was a scarf which turned out well enough to give away as a gift. At least, I gave it to one of my best friends for Xmas, and she seemed happy with it, but she may have been indulging me!


My mum showed me a piece of crochet she did many years ago – I think it may even have been her first item, a doily done in thread cotton. I’m impressed – I don’t think I’d be able to work anything so fine. Time has unravelled it somewhat – maybe years of folding has worn it away at the creases, or perhaps it snagged on something in the cupboard. But there’s enough of it left that the pattern can be worked out. Mum said it was done in motifs and then joined together at the end with a border put round to finish it. It’s way too fine for me to copy, but I would like to try working my own version, possibly in 4-ply (the thinnest yarn that I’m happy to work with), or chunkier. Not sure what use I’d put a doily to, though. They are very old-fashioned (not that I pay attention to fashion!) If I needed a rug, I could do a massive version. Any suggestions for modern uses of doilies?


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