It Passed!

Hurray!  I’m relieved to report that the shawl I’d been having difficulties with passed the assessment.  But as it turned out smaller than the pattern stated, another criteria (i.e. that one of our projects must follow a commercial pattern) has yet to be met.


This project has taught me two lessons.  First and most importantly – SWATCH!  I’ve a bad habit of not tension swatching, and just hoping that the project turns out okay.  Often enough, my tension matches that of the pattern writer, but that was certainly not the case in this instance – the shawl was about 15 cm too short, even after blocking twice. (I thought the stitches might relax more the second time..)  Secondly, substituting yarn is more complex than weight and yardage.  My tutor tells me “Substituting yarn is always an interesting activity; there are many factors to take into account..  Variations in the way the fibres are spun and plied can also have a major effect on the finished result, even if the fibre content is the same, even different breeds of sheep produce different types of yarn.”  

Now I’m trying to decide on two garments (one to include fastenings and sleeves) and household project.  Honestly, that’s almost the hardest part of doing these projects, choosing things that best reflect Part One of the IDC without jumping ahead to elements of Part Two (e.g. half-trebles and working in the round).   I’m not the most decisive of people at the best of times!

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