There’s nothing like problems with a pc to deter me from logging on and blogging!  I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to computers anyway, and have approached social media with timidity and hesitance.  Setbacks become a real obstacle to blog-flow.  I’ve finally got it all sorted thanks to the helpful people at Red Desk (a local virtual assistance company)

Meanwhile I’ve also had problems with my crochet!  One of the projects I’m required to do for the IDC  Part 1 is something worked in a fine yarn. Of all the yarns we’re expected to use, this laceweight stuff  is my least favourite.  I can appreciate the outcome of someone else’s efforts with it, but working this yarn is far too fiddly for my liking, and I feel a bit cross-eyed after a while – good strong light is a must!  Give me an aran yarn any day, or at the very least a 4-ply!

The project in question is the Patricia shawl by Heidi McCarthy in issue 48 of Inside Crochet.  The instructions say to work the foundation chain with a 4mm hook then switch to a 3.5mm for the rest of the shawl.  I found this unsatisfactory as the chain seemed too baggy for my tension – I really should get into the habit of swatching, as I could have noticed this quicker with a swatch and saved time and frustration!  I tried working the foundation chain with the same sized hook as the rest of the project and this has produced better results…  but I found it difficult maintaining an even tension on such a long foundation chain (369 stitches) in such a fine yarn.  Needless to say I had to unravel a couple of times.  Then! when I’d reached about a quarter of the way into the piece, I realised I’d made a mistake early on in the pattern and had to rip right back.  I was so  peeved that the yarn broke in the process.  It was at this point that I decided to put the project, and actually all crochet, to one side for a week or two.

Now that I’ve got back to it, I’ve managed to reach the half-way point (more or less!)  The picture below shows how far I’ve got..


Fingers crossed that I can make it to the end of the project without any more angst!



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2 responses to “Problems!

  1. Looks incredibly difficult but very beautiful. Good luck!

    • crouchingmaria2013

      Thankyou! I’ll need all the luck I can get as I’ve had to do some more frogging – easy to get carried away! It’s not really the pattern that’s difficult but the thin yarn. I might try it in a thicker yarn at some point, as I like chunky lace. I’ll let you know if it’s easier!

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