Mitts For Monday

So, I’ve taken my first tentative steps into the realms of making-to-sell!


I had the oppotunity to host a stall at a Christmas party-bazaar last Sunday, run by a Walthamstow-based jewellery maker who I’ve done a few classes with. (Birgit Barrett of Beyond Beading. )  I committed to the stall around four weeks before, without having any products or specific designs.  I settled on the idea of mitts which are, in theory, quick to make up.  I only managed nine pairs in the end.  It would have been twelve, but I messed up three sets.  Frustrating!!  Nine pairs in four weeks may not sound like a lot but several factors affected productivity: due to the size of the venue, I knew the stall would be small (between 2 – 4 pages of A4) so I was told I wouldn’t need much; some of the time was spent experimenting (not all ideas worked out – as I had precious little time, this felt like a waste of time rather than a learning process); and I went to visit a friend for a few days.  Unnecessay distraction!

I did four styles: plain rib (double crochet front loop only: half treble back loop only); plain rib with buttons at the wrist; a double ribbed type (a ridge&furrow rib acheived with raised trebles, with the flatter rib of the other mitts across the palm); and longer mitts using hairpin crochet, again using plain rib over the palm.

Having beavered away for a month, I only managed to sell one pair!  Still, better than nowt!  And most other stall holders didn’t sell much either.  Birgit said similar events in previous years fared better, but that’s just the way it goes.  One of the other stallholders said the amount of times she’s sworn she wouldn’t do another market after a slow session… but she always does.  Interestingly, one of the jewellery makers said she can’t make products with beads and stones she doesn’t like.  In agreement with her was a lady who makes cards and crocheted brooches.  She said she had at one point really focused on what she thought customers might like, choosing a range of colours etc, but that these items didn’t sell well after all, so now she makes what she personally likes.  Food for thought for a newbie like myself!

It was definitely worth doing this small event.  I had positive feedback on my products and the experience got me thinking about presentation (not my forte).  Luckily, my fabulous friend Lesley and her lodger Serena had been on hand to help out doing labels etc, for which I am very grateful.  I owe them a cake or a round of drinks..


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7 responses to “Mitts For Monday

  1. Can I buy some mitts, I like the purple ones in the featured image, I’ll email you. Lx

  2. nickygrace

    Lindsay told me about your lovely crochet work recently. She taught me how to blog etc too. I think your gloves are gorgeous and I’d like to buy some too because my hands (actually only my right hand) get freezing at the computer, to the point that I can’t type. I like the dark grey ones if you still have them. If you tell me how much they are I’ll give the money to Lindsay as I live near her.

    As for stalls at craft fairs etc……my friend Jane and I ALWAYS swear never ever ever to do another one again, and now we’ve just signed up to to one in Hertfordshire where she lives. The only reason we now do them occasionally is that we have a laugh together and eat lots of cake (well I do) and it’s a nice way of spending time together. We never do particularly well though and it’s quite a hassle loading & unloading the car etc. Have a look at etsy & Folksy. Lindsay helped me join etsy and it’s quite good, and less demoralising than stalls. Will you give her the gloves for me when you give her hers. And tell me what I owe you. XX

    • crouchingmaria2013

      Hi Nicky,
      Thanks for your positive feedback and advice. I have heard of Etsy/Folksy, and intend to eventually sign up. I hadn’t realised that Lindsay could help with that (obvious now you mention it) so thanks for the tip off!
      The grey mitts are indeed still available, so they’re all yours. Will be in touch about practicalities..

  3. nickygrace

    Ok thanks. Looking forward to them. As I said, I can give the money to Lindsay if you like, or I can do a bank transfer or pay with paypal.
    Nicky x

  4. nickygrace

    Hello Marie,
    thank you so so so much for my fingerless mittens !!!!! They’ve saved my life. Lindsay just brought them to me and I’m wearing them typing this and my hands are now warm. I’m so pleased with them. Nicky XXXXXXXXXX

    • crouchingmaria2013

      Hi Nicky,
      Glad you like them in reality – things don’t always look the same in pictures! Happy typing!
      Maria xx

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